Let’s go over the obscure terms and concepts of this critical component

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Can I have 5 minutes of your time? That’s all I need to help you step up about Symfony 6 Security component. It’s sometimes hard to understand everything in here. Well, you don’t have to understand everything of course. But having the knowledge of the different parts and terms used…

Foundation, Kernel & Client is the perfect trio to deal with the famous protocol

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So I’ve been talking a lot about different components Symfony offers. In case you’re not familiar with the component term in the Symfony ecosystem, you just have to know that components are standalone libraries you can install in your project, without having your project to be entirely written with Symfony…

End-to-end tests are going savagely easy

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Testing an application isn’t the easiest thing on earth, it is not the quickest thing either and it may not be the most exciting part of an application development. But that’s just a necessary thing. You can’t take the risk of making your application crash and loose users — and…

Alexandre Daubois

Symfony Developer at SensioLabs

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