Brace yourself: autocompletion on options and arguments is finally here!

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One the most useful thing ever when using a command line interface is autocompletion. You know about it. If you don’t, well I hope your new to command line interfaces, otherwise you’re missing a whole world.

Anyway, just to be super quick and that everybody understands this, autocompletion gives you…

When you should use them in your projects, even if you’re not creating a complete Symfony project

Symfony components are pieces of the framework that you can install individually, and especially independently of the framework. Your project doesn’t need to be written in Symfony to use these components. They offer a lot of solutions that could meet your daily needs. Let’s have a look at these components…

Doctrine Query Language provides a lot of unknown yet powerful built-in functions

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Used in the vast majority of cases with Symfony, Doctrine is a really powerful ORM, packed with a language called DQL (Doctrine Query Language). This language gives you an extra layer of abstraction from your database system. Unfortunately, it is a bit marred by a sometimes complicated documentation. This is…

Let’s dive into these “minor” still important improvements coming to the language in November this year

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Alright, so my last article about PHP 8.1 coming features was pretty well received, and I thought it was worth to go for a second round to talk about all these interesting changes, improvements and features coming to us. Let’s dive into it!

Pure intersection types has been accepted and is being implemented

While writing my first article about PHP…

Alexandre Daubois

Symfony Developer at SensioLabs

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